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AGI Social Events and GeoDrinks Stirling on 25 April

Bartholomew's Exhibition AGI VisitReview of Members Tour of “Putting Scotland on the Map”

Last week members attended a guided tour of  “Putting Scotland on the Map”. The exhibition is currently on display at the National Library of Scotland and celebrates the work of the Bartholomew’s family and mapping company.

We would like to thank the staff from NLS who very kindly arranged this visit for AGI Scotland members. The Bartholomew's Exhibition Poster AGI Scotland visitexhibition features a wide collection of articles from the NLS Bartholomew archive and not only focuses on the history of the family and company from 1820 – 2002 but also tells the story of the staff who worked for Bartholomew’s and the techniques used in their cartography. It is a must-see if you are within reach of Edinburgh before it ends on the 7 May.

The event allowed members to meet for the visit with time afterwards for networking drinks. This style of social event is a great opportunity to meet with local members and enjoy a shared interest while also making valuable professional connections. We are keen to organise more events like this in Scotland and would welcome any members with ideas for events or with the capacity to assist in organising these to please get in touch.

GeoDrinks Stirling

Our next AGI Scotland Social event is a drinks event on the 25 April. The event follows the One Scotland Mapping Agreement seminar in Stirling that we know many of you in the public sector will be attending, however the event is open to anyone who is interested in geographic information and you will be made more than welcome to join us for a coffee, soft drink (or something stronger..).

The event is being held at the Corn Exchange in Stirling and will start from 3.30pm onwards. we would anticipate being at the venue for a couple of hours, if you are planning to attend later on then please do get in touch and let us know. We are grateful to Forth Valley GIS for sponsoring this event.  If you are interested in attending then please register online to give us an idea of numbers using the link below.
Eventbrite -  AGI Scotland Social Event: Geodrinks Stirling

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