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Scottish SMEs recognised at AGI Awards

The AGI Innovation and Best Practice Award (Private Sector) for Outstanding Achievement in Geographical Information is presented to companies pioneering new techniques or approaches, or delivering products or services that can be used as examples for other organisations.


The 2013 award was presented to Island GIS, an SME based in Edinburgh, for their work with Scottish and Southern Energy on the Beauly-Denny powerline project. The company developed a web service that successfully co-ordinated multiple spatial data layers for a large number of individual sites and tracks and provided live, up to date information across a range of technology platforms for the people affected by the construction activities.

Link Node AwardThe second Scottish success was in the new smeSpire Award for raising the profile of the European smeSpire project among UK SMEs. In accordance with the objectives of the smeSpire project, the award recognises companies that successfully fulfilled the intentions of the European INSPIRE Directive to make spatial data widely accessible using internationally agreed standards and delivery mechanisms.

The award was presented to Glasgow based LinkNode for their VentusAR application – geospatial augmented reality for data access. The application uses a cutting edge combination of 3-D imagery and mobile technology to allow ordinary people and communities to visualise changes to the landscape. This is having immediate benefits in the interaction between citizens and planning developments such as windfarms, but has much wider utility in any situation that can benefit from visualisation of events – past, present and future.

Both of these awards are sponsored by GiStandards, a Scottish SME based in Hamilton that pioneers engagement with Europe through participation in a wide range of European Commission funded projects.

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