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AGI Scotland Annual Event: BOOK NOW!

Smart Energy, 26 February 2015, at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation


With a theme based around geographical information in the context of Smart Energy, this year’s event promises to shed light on the critical role of the GI profession in an area significant to all of us, the supply of energy.

Offering the traditional unique opportunity for networking with GI professionals from across all Scottish sectors (and beyond), the event is hosted by AGI Scotland in partnership with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

As the capacity of the Edinburgh Carbon Innovation Centre is limited, make sure you avoid disappointment by booking soon!


AGI Geo the Big FiveThe core focus of this year’s AGI Scotland Big 5 event is security of future energy supply and the need for a new approach to sustainable energy production. Key subjects covered by speakers will include understanding citizen needs alongside environmental and policy challenges  – key variables in a field that is highly dependent on a detailed geospatial understanding.

The case studies and speakers will demonstrate techniques and understanding that can be transferred and applied to a range of areas.

Plenary Speakers Announced:

Chris Stark is Head of the Scottish Government’s Electricity Division, managing the Scottish renewable energy strategy and the operation of the energy market in Scotland.  He previously headed the Strategy Unit, the Scottish Government’s central strategy team.  Chris joined the Scottish Government in 2009, following an early career in Whitehall.  He has wide experience in economic policymaking, following work in HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Professor Stuart Monro is a prominent Scottish geologist and science communicator. He graduated in Geology from Aberdeen University in 1970 and then received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh while embarking upon a lengthy career with the British Geological Survey, making a number of distinguished contributions to the understanding of the geology of central Scotland and the application of geology to environmental issues.

Announced Session Speakers include:

  • Andy Seaton – Scottish Government Heat Map
  • Ciaran Higgins (Derryherk) – Energy Master Planning
  • Paul Georgie (GeoGeo) – Low Carbon Living
  • Veronique Morel (Ecometrica) – Modelling for Biomass potential
  • David Howard (CEH) – A landscape view of energy
  • Vin Sumner – City-zen, Serious gaming
  • Bob Gatliff (BGS) – Unconventional gas
  • Jelte Harnmeijer (JHI) – Low Carbon energy solutions

Further speakers and the full programme will be announced shortly.

Register Now

AGI Members receive significant event discounts. Find out about AGI Membership.

Our principal partners – ESRI and Ordnance Survey – are sponsoring this event. We’re delighted to also recognise the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation as a Gold Sponsor and Sterling-Geo as Silver Sponsor.

Sponsorship opportunities are available across the Geo:The Big 5 event series for 2015.

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