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About Smart Energy: This Thursday’s AGI-S #geobig5 Annual Event

BulbAgainst the backdrop of volatile prices and increased demand for renewable sources the challenges facing the energy sector have never been greater. The need for resilient, smart solutions, and the opportunities for Smart Energy are therefore immense. The use of technology to optimise all parts of the energy system from supply, storage to the demand and consumer is driving a new wave of innovation.

This event focuses on some key areas within the Smart Energy arena and the part that geospatial has to play. Indeed, these issues and the case studies discussed are relevant beyond just Smart Energy and provide opportunities for many sectors to use geospatial information to impact on this changing market.

Supply and production are themselves subject to innovation in new technology. There is no longer a straight forward top-down picture of a few large operators generating at scale, but a landscape of distributed, small energy generators. Renewable sources of energy by their very natures are subject to fluctuations in supply. The flexibility to manage these mixed sources and predict supply is key.

Smart Energy systems are not going to appear overnight, but will be a continuous retrofitting and re-imagining of the current infrastructure. Planning for this new technology is key, from a local urban level to a regional and broader dimensions. Understanding of the landscape and the potential to support new infrastructure is vitally important.

workshopThe smart grid is the link from the supply to the citizen, providing wider opportunities for innovation in energy management. The ability to make the current distribution systems smarter and be responsive to issues. Sensors and automated switching systems provide a higher degree of control than have ever been previously available.

At the heart of a smart grid, smart metering provides the ability to see individual customer situation within hours, or even in real time. But the citizen considerations of smart energy are far beyond the data provided to maintain our networks. We must also consider how our behaviour may be influenced through access to this information and how our policy makers can use these data in issues of fuel inequality.

The potential for geospatial information and technology to input into this picture should be evident. Smart Energy needs geospatial for data management, analysis and location awareness – but are the opportunities being realised? Are we clear about the challenges and demand for the skills geospatial can offer and are we ready to engage?

Register Now

There are limited places still available for our Annual Event – the full programme and details are available online. AGI Members can attend for just £69 +VAT.

In addition to a full programme, this event has excellent opportunities for networking and an exhibition of our event sponsors & supporters: ESRI UK, Ordnance Survey, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Sterling Geo, CGI, thinkwhere and Heriot-Watt Energy Academy.

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