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Amazon Outage makes for a Dark Cloud

Earth Observation and Spatial Analysis

image1For some years now we have been led to believe that The Cloud gives us a  robust solution to providing software services (including GIS) which avoids the dangers of being dependent on individual servers, which risk loss of hardware, power supply, cooling and other points-of-failure.  This is a solution which has become increasing popular, with many organisations and services now dependent on it.  In theory, the Cloud spreads the risk over thousands of individual servers, physically located in different data centres at different sites spread across the different countries and continents.

Or that’s the theory.  The 28th Feb saw a failure of saw an outage of the US-EAST node of Amazon’s S3 service which has caused chaos across the web.  Amazon’s web services have grown from an infrastructure built to support their own online shopping business to underpin around 150,000 other web sites, services and smartphone apps around the world…

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