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Map Library – quite literally

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An interesting and amusing world view…

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GEO-X and Citizen Science

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During the week of January 12-17, a major earth observation event was held in Geneva – the GEO-X Plenary and Geneva Ministerial Summit. GEO, the Group on Earth Observation, received unanimous endorsement to unleash the power of open data for a second decade. There was agreement to continue building on the organization’s first 10 years of pioneering environmental advances, which are designed to improve the quality of life of people everywhere. Fueled by open data, GEO’s efforts are now evident in most regions of the world. GEO is comprised of 90 member nations, including the European Commission and 77 Participating Organizations. GEO-X marked a particularly significant milestone with participants looking forward to the next 10 years of activity across GEO and specifcially GEOSS(the Global Earth Observation System of Systems).

Represented at the event were the European Unions Citizen Observatories project, one of which is led by the University of Edinburgh – COBWEB (Citizens Observatory Web), which formed part of the European Commission delegation at the GEO-X exhibition.

The project was well represented by members of the COBWEB team covering technical, organisational, stakeholder engagement and dissemination activities. Citizens Observatories emerged as a key consideration for future environmental policy making and the GEOSS representatives were keen to ensure interoperability and access to citizen science efforts in generating environmental data in the interests of local, regional and global efforts to ameliorate environmental impact. Citizens are key to the European Commission vision as articulated in HORIZON2020 and therefore the initial tranche of Citizen Observatory projects, of which COBWEB is one of five, are trailblazing the future shape of citizen involvement as stakeholder in environmental policy.

The COBWEB project was present at the European Commission exhibition area through a shared stand with all of the Citizens’ Observatories projects: COBWEB, CitiSense, WeSenseIt, Omniscientis, and Citclops.

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