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EEO-AGI(S) Seminar: “The Grandest Views: Re-discovering the Power of Physical Relief Models

May 15, 2015 Leave a comment

This season’s closing EEO-AGI(S) seminar, organised by the University of Edinburgh and kindly co-sponsored by the AGI, will be given by Dr. Gary Priestnall of the University of Nottingham.

The seminar will take place next Thursday lunchtime at 12.30pm. Please note the change of *day* and *time*. The venue as always however is the Old Library, Geography Building, Univ. of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP.

See you there!

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Help Map Vulnerable Places

April 7, 2015 Leave a comment

missingmapsAGI Scotland members may be interested in the first Missing Maps event being held in Glasgow this week. We asked organiser Duncan Bain to share some information with us about this new initiative –

“The Missing Maps project helps Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the Red Cross by creating maps of vulnerable places, providing a vital resource for their on-the-ground staff as well as local people.

The first Missing Maps event in Glasgow takes place on Thursday 9th April at the Project Cafe on Renfrew Street.

Missing Maps mapathons are open to everyone. You can come and learn how to create maps and contribute to a global mapping project, OpenStreetMap. All you need is a laptop, some spare time and enthusiasm, and you can take part in humanitarian work from Glasgow.

At our first Missing Maps event in Glasgow people will be on hand to help you learn how to map at your own pace. If you want to know more about how you can prepare for a mapathon, this guide gives some tips.

We are being generously hosted by The Project Cafe, an amazing community space and social enterprise cafe.

We have created a facebook page for the event, so please, invite your friends and we look forward to meeting you at the first of what we hope are many Missing Maps Glasgow events ”

You can sign up to attend the event online.

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EEO-AGI Scotland Seminar: “Remote Sensing of forest fires (focus on Mediterranean ecosystems)”

March 10, 2015 Leave a comment

EOO1415This week’s EEO-AGI(S) seminar, organised by the University of Edinburgh and kindly co-sponsored by the AGI, will be given by Dr. Ioannis Gitas, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The seminar will take place this Friday 13th March at 4.30pm in the Old Library, Geography Building, Univ. of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP.

Also a reminder that following all EEO-AGI(S) Seminars are AGI Geo-Drinks for informal professional networking held from 5.45 in Teviot Library Bar, Bristo Sq, EH8 9AJ. All welcome – please do come along and meet colleagues and fellow AGI members.

See you there!

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EEO-AGI Scotland Seminar: “Death certificates, historic IQ measures, birth certificates – mapping our pasts and reconstructing our lifecourses”

February 25, 2015 Leave a comment

EOO1415This week’s EEO-AGI(S) seminar will be given by Prof. Chris Dibben, Chair in Geography here at the University of Edinburgh.

The seminar will take place THIS Friday 27th Feb at 4.30pm in the Old Library, Geography Building, Univ. of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP.

Also a reminder that following all EEO-AGI(S) Seminars are AGI Geo-Drinks for informal professional networking held from 5.45 in Teviot Library Bar, Bristo Sq, EH8 9AJ. All welcome – please do come along and meet colleagues and fellow AGI members.

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About Smart Energy: This Thursday’s AGI-S #geobig5 Annual Event

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment

BulbAgainst the backdrop of volatile prices and increased demand for renewable sources the challenges facing the energy sector have never been greater. The need for resilient, smart solutions, and the opportunities for Smart Energy are therefore immense. The use of technology to optimise all parts of the energy system from supply, storage to the demand and consumer is driving a new wave of innovation.

This event focuses on some key areas within the Smart Energy arena and the part that geospatial has to play. Indeed, these issues and the case studies discussed are relevant beyond just Smart Energy and provide opportunities for many sectors to use geospatial information to impact on this changing market.

Supply and production are themselves subject to innovation in new technology. There is no longer a straight forward top-down picture of a few large operators generating at scale, but a landscape of distributed, small energy generators. Renewable sources of energy by their very natures are subject to fluctuations in supply. The flexibility to manage these mixed sources and predict supply is key.

Smart Energy systems are not going to appear overnight, but will be a continuous retrofitting and re-imagining of the current infrastructure. Planning for this new technology is key, from a local urban level to a regional and broader dimensions. Understanding of the landscape and the potential to support new infrastructure is vitally important.

workshopThe smart grid is the link from the supply to the citizen, providing wider opportunities for innovation in energy management. The ability to make the current distribution systems smarter and be responsive to issues. Sensors and automated switching systems provide a higher degree of control than have ever been previously available.

At the heart of a smart grid, smart metering provides the ability to see individual customer situation within hours, or even in real time. But the citizen considerations of smart energy are far beyond the data provided to maintain our networks. We must also consider how our behaviour may be influenced through access to this information and how our policy makers can use these data in issues of fuel inequality.

The potential for geospatial information and technology to input into this picture should be evident. Smart Energy needs geospatial for data management, analysis and location awareness – but are the opportunities being realised? Are we clear about the challenges and demand for the skills geospatial can offer and are we ready to engage?

Register Now

There are limited places still available for our Annual Event – the full programme and details are available online. AGI Members can attend for just £69 +VAT.

In addition to a full programme, this event has excellent opportunities for networking and an exhibition of our event sponsors & supporters: ESRI UK, Ordnance Survey, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Sterling Geo, CGI, thinkwhere and Heriot-Watt Energy Academy.

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AGI-S Annual Event – Programme Available

February 16, 2015 Leave a comment

BulbThe programme for the AGI Scotland Annual Event is available to view online. Many of you have already secured your place to attend the event – but there is still an opportunity to book. With less than two weeks left until the event and limited venue capacity don’t leave it too late.

The event is part of the Geo:The Big 5 Event Series for 2015. Last year the feedback on the quality of the content and a forward looking programme leading on new opportunities for geospatial was incredibly well received.

We continue to maintain this high standard in this year’s programme, with plenary speakers Chris Stark, Andy Kerr and Stuart Monro. They are joined by a range inspirational speakers, showcasing the potential for geospatial in Smart Energy with examples that can be applied to a range of sectors and areas of interest.

The full programme is available now to view.

Network with your peersWhether you are working in Smart Energy, or you are simply a practitioner looking to keep up your professional skills, look for new ideas and expand your professional network this is an event not to miss.

The AGI Scotland annual event is the key event for geospatial professionals on the calendar in Scotland. Join us to continue your support of the AGI in 2015.


Register Now

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Smart Energy 26 Feb: Announced Plenary Speakers

February 10, 2015 Leave a comment

BulbWith not long now until our Annual Event, we’re pleased to provide a little more information about the day. Geo:The Big5 established a step change in the content of AGI 2014 events and this continues into 2015. Whether you are working directly in an energy related role or not, the agenda brings together interests from all sectors as we champion the benefits that geographic information can bring to new markets and will be an inspiring start to our 2015 programme.

Our plenary speakers are real experts in their field and are also keen to join with us on 26 February to explore the role of GI in Smart Energy.

ChrisPhotoChris Stark is head of the Scottish Government’s Electricity Division, managing the Scottish renewable energy strategy, energy consents and the operation of the energy market in  Scotland.  He previously headed the Strategy Unit, the Scottish Government’s central strategy team.  Chris joined the Scottish Government in 2009, following an early career in Whitehall.  He has wide experience in economic policy making, following work in HM Treasury and the  Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.


Andy_KerrAndy Kerr became the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation’s Director in December 2010. A leading figure in the areas of low carbon policy and implementation, Andy uses his extensive experience of working with governments, businesses and academics to drive the strategic and practical development of the Centre. Previously, Andy worked in the private sector in the emerging international carbon and biofuel markets, working with companies to develop both strategic and practical management responses to emerging opportunities and legislation.


StuartMonroProfessor Stuart Monro is a prominent Scottish geologist and science communicator. He graduated in Geology from Aberdeen University in 1970 and then received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh while embarking upon a lengthy career with the British Geological Survey, making a number of distinguished contributions to the understanding of the geology of central Scotland and the application of geology to environmental issues. He was instrumental in establishing Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, the science centre and visitor attraction which opened in 1999 as a major Millennium Project that serves to facilitate a better public understanding of the processes that have shaped the earth.

In addition to the plenary presentations, we have a fantastic range of speakers demonstrating the latest thinking and case studies in applications of geographic information. The agenda includes time for networking, our annual event is a great opportunity to make valuable connections or catch up with existing contacts.

Booking is open, with significant discount available for AGI Members. We look forward to seeing you on 26 February!


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